The AudioLink Technology

Our technology utilizes high-frequency sound waves, that are inaudible for human ears, for transmitting data. We call such a sound "AudioLink".

The AudioLinks may contain links to websites, multimedia files, documents, contact information and more!

This kind of sound can be emitted by almost any loudspeaker. To receive it, one needs an app with our technology implemented, like SONE . Such app recognizes the AudioLinks, decodes them and interprets to finally fetch a proper document to the user. All that within just a sec!

How it works:


Step 1

Prepare an AudioLink

We use high-frequency sounds, inaudible to humans, to transmit encoded data. We call such sounds "AudioLinks".


Step 2


The AudioLinks are emitted by the loudspeakers, like those you have in your TV set, car radio or on a concert stage.


Step 3


The users receive the AudioLinks with a proper app, like SONE.


Step 4


SONE decodes and interprets the AudioLinks. Within just a sec - it opens a proper app to display received document.

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